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Adhesive tape from the producer: adhesive tape for any needs from "RKF Champion"

Every trading company needs high-quality, fast and reliable packaging. Many different products are used as packaging materials, but the most popular is ordinary packing tape. It is easy to use, reliable and durable, suitable for fastening any container. The adhesive tape is available in different sizes, so you can always find something that will meet all your needs. And to make the purchase profitable, and you – confident in your choice, buy from a proven manufacturer! JSC “Rogan Cardboard Factory” offers various types of adhesive tape at fair prices.

What are the main advantages of packing tape?

This adhesive tape, which is familiar to all of us, is truly universal: it is used both at home and in industry (in the production of paper, detergents, furniture factories, in the food industry and other industries). It is almost irreplaceable, because only with it employees of enterprises will be able to regularly pack products and not violate the mode of operation. Without scotch tape, everything can stop abruptly, so the best solution would be to buy this packaging in bulk.

Scotch tape is usually made on a rubber adhesive base, thanks to which it attaches perfectly to any surface, withstands heavy loads (stretching and tightening) and does not break during temperature changes. The main characteristics, however, remain length and width. The latter determines the possible scope of use of adhesive tape:

  • 12-18 mm – ideal for small boxes of corrugated cardboard and light packages;
  • 24-36 mm – for gluing medium-sized cardboard containers;
  • 50 mm – for pasting of large polyethylene or paper parcels and boxes;
  • 75 mm is the optimal width for packing and pasting large containers or heavy cardboard boxes.

On our website you can also order logo and colored tape.

Branded tape makes your product more attractive and recognizable. So you can easily avoid fakes. It is also a good option for a sale or packaging of glass / fragile items – on the tape you can specify, for example, the words “Promotion” or “Careful, glass!”. Colored adhesive tape, in turn, will divide the goods into batches, types, changes in production. They also often pack gifts for a more attractive look.

How to buy scotch tape from the manufacturer in JSC “Rogan cardboard factory”?

It is very easy to place an order with us: you only need a few minutes of free time. All you have to do is call the number listed in the contacts section or send an e-mail or leave your details in the feedback form, and we will call you back soon.

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