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Participate In A Program To Support Low-income Families

Participate in a program to support low-income families

Honesty and humanity are the main traits that motivate us to become better, strive for more and look to the bright future with confidence. Despite the events and changes that do not always bring better conditions for life and development, we should not lose optimism, because good will win everything. With this in mind, our company regularly looks for ways to help those who really need it. This wonderful tradition, started a few years ago, has become a good opportunity to be where we are most expected.

There are no other people’s families!

In order to assist in improving living conditions and well-being, JSC Rogan Cardboard Factory was recently able to become a sponsor under the program of assistance to low-income families registered in the Rogan village community (Kharkiv region). Families who have been able to receive assistance are both those with many children and those with foster children. As part of the program, our company was able to organize the distribution of food kits to all those in need.

Do good, and it will definitely create a bright cloudless future!

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