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Participate in a program to support low-income families

Honesty and humanity are the main traits that motivate us to become better, strive for…

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Package board production has tripled!

The constant pursuit of something new, better, that benefits not only businesses but also consumers…

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Cardboard production: features of the process

Cardboard has long been used in various spheres of life: the manufacture of furniture and…

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Cardboard and paper industry: all about cardboard production in Ukraine

As of 2017, Ukraine ranked 36th in the world in the production of cardboard and…

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Flexible roll packaging: ideal packaging for ice cream and other foods

Flexible packaging in rolls of single-layer and double-layer polymeric materials is most often used for…

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Binding cardboard: features of production and use

Today, cardboard is used in many industries: food, pharmaceutical, furniture, haberdashery… It is used to…

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Cardboard in sheets and rolls: in what areas is it used?

Cardboard today is a universal material. We don't even usually notice it, but we actually…

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