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Factory products

We try to fully meet the needs of other companies and our customers.

In our catalog you will find:

Flexible roll packaging. It will perfectly distinguish your product in trade halls, securely pack and protect your product from various external factors. It is used mainly by enterprises engaged in the food industry.

Binding cardboard. This is a great option for making covers, boxes, toys, archive folders and even furniture items. This type of cardboard is one of the strongest and can withstand high mechanical loads.

Scotch tape. Here you will find quality packaging, logo and colored tape. Without this element of packaging, the whole production can simply “get stuck”: after all, how can workers be able to quickly and efficiently pack boxes of goods and not violate the general mode of operation?

Cardboard in rolls. It is used in business and industry for packaging furniture, glass, ceramics. It is also convenient to create various massive creative products with it. This cardboard is also suitable for food, is inexpensive and light weight, easy to twist and is not damaged, strong and economical.

Flattened cardboard. It differs from the first only in that it is already cut into sheets of the desired format. In some cases, this will save significantly. If you suddenly have doubts about which one to choose, contact our managers and they will be happy to advise you.

About the factory

"Rogan Cardboard Factory" high quality ecological cardboard

Despite the fact that computers, laptops and other devices are slowly displacing books, newspapers, magazines and printed products from our lives, in principle, we still can’t do without paper. It is used everywhere: for printing the same printing (agree, holding your favorite work in your hands is much more pleasant than an e-book or tablet), for packaging food and non-food products, for advertising, creative materials, disposable tableware, napkins… And it’s not limit. We understand how much paper is needed and how much tree felling is harmful to the planet, so we found a great compromise to continue to provide you with this material! JSC “Rogan Cardboard Factory” produces environmentally friendly cardboard, scotch tape and waste paper at affordable prices.

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Our products

We make all our products from natural materials, so they are perfect for food packaging and will not harm the health of your employees or your customers.


Why buy cardboard from the manufacturer and other products from us?

Our factory was founded in 1858, and during all this time we have tested a huge number of different technologies, materials, equipment and continue to improve. Our goal is efficient recycling of used paper, production of high-quality durable cardboard and packaging, reliability of the offered goods and the most affordable prices.

To make a purchase, simply fill out the feedback form at the bottom of the site by selecting the category of the product you want. Our manager will call you back soon to clarify all important details, answer all your questions and ensure prompt processing of your order.

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