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Flexible roll packaging: reliable packaging and effective advertising from a Ukrainian manufacturer

Flexible packaging is used to distinguish goods in the shelves of trade halls filled with other products, to protect them from various external factors and to ensure reliable packaging. This is what we see on supermarket shelves when we look at cereals, spices and other bulk products. This packaging is used by companies that are engaged in the packaging of small volumes of products or have special packaging lines in production.

What is flexible packaging?

There are many types: packaging with TWIST effect, with the application of cold glue, for fat and dairy products, for groceries and snacks, for dry and freeze-dried products, labels for beverages in plastic bottles, for household chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides, and also for the packaging of pharmaceuticals and personal care products.

It is a single- or multilayer laminate with or without printing. The advantages of this material, compared to other types of packaging, have many:

  • light weight;
  • strength and resistance to deformation and mechanical damage;
  • protection of the product from the negative influence of external factors;
  • affordable price and cost;
  • the ability to print on the entire surface.

The barrier of roll packaging is perhaps its most important property, because if the product is exposed to light (ultraviolet or other radiation), it will accelerate unwanted reactions in it. If air enters the package, coffee or tea, for example, will oxidize and they will lose their aroma, the taste will change. Getting inside the container of moisture will provoke the development of favorable conditions for the reproduction of bacteria. The appearance and performance of the packaging itself will also deteriorate, and products will spoil faster. And heat in general will accelerate all possible reactions. The combination of materials used to make such packaging helps to achieve tightness and preserve the taste and quality properties of goods.

The flexible packaging, which is manufactured by our company, can have one, two or three layers. The latter usually include:

  • kraft paper, polyester, polypropylene or polyamide films as an outer layer to protect against negative external factors;
  • in the middle there are materials (for example, aluminum foil) for protection against ultraviolet light, penetration of gases, etc.);
  • the inner layer (thermolayer) is made of polyethylene or polypropylene and provides tightness.

For products that do not require an additional barrier, the second layer is not used, and for products that do not require special protection (cookies, corn sticks, etc.), only one outer layer is enough.

How to buy flexible packaging from the manufacturer from us?

You can use one of two possible methods: call us using the number listed in the contacts section, or leave your contacts in the form of feedback.

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