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Cardboard production: features of the process

Cardboard has long been used in various spheres of life: the manufacture of furniture and decorations, hats and stationery, industry and, of course, packaging. For this reason, its production is quite a profitable business, but it also requires a lot of investment. Without good technology, nothing will happen. Want to know exactly what you need? Then read on.

What cardboard equipment do manufacturers need?

First of all, you will need a special machine – a cardboard production line. It includes a variety of machines:

  • mill that mixes the material;
  • pressure box, which evenly distributes the raw material on the grid and in many cases determines the quality of the result: the speed should coincide with the speed of the grid;
  • one-, two-, three-layer mesh part, consisting of a molding board, drying elements, hydraulic slats and suction boxes and washed under high pressure;
  • a press that removes all moisture from the material before drying and seals it (consists of several shafts and is cleaned with scrapers);
  • drying, which is a set of special drying cylinders and dehydrates the raw material by evaporation;
  • calender, which smooths the cardboard and gives them the desired thickness;
  • mechanical and electric drives.

When all the equipment is ready, the process of preparation of raw materials begins.

How is the preparation of materials for flattened and rolled cardboard?

First, the fibers are soaked and ground. The quality of cardboard depends on how small the grind will be: it will be looser from raw materials of coarser structure, and from carefully ground – strong and dense. The quality of grinding, in turn, is determined by temperature, process duration, speed of the mill and so on.

With ready-made raw materials you can start production:

  • first, the resulting mass is laid out on the grid pressure box;
  • sheets are formed by a grid part;
  • the press initially dries the sheets and gives them the required density;
  • after that drying completely dehydrates sheets of a cardboard and by that strengthens them even more;
  • calender shafts give smoothness and shine.

After this treatment, the cardboard can be cut and packed. You can use both cellulose and secondary raw materials – waste paper. The process is the same.

Where can I buy cardboard for the sleeve / corner?

In the Rogan Cardboard Factory! We have special equipment and will make for you the highest quality and durable cardboard of the required format and size from waste paper, so you can not worry about the environmental side of production. You can choose the type of cardboard you need – flattened or in rolls, and we will do everything at the highest level.

To order cardboard, fill out the feedback form at the bottom of the site (which can also be found in the menu) and leave your contact information. We will call you soon to clarify all the details of the order.

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