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Flexible roll packaging: ideal packaging for ice cream and other foods

Flexible packaging in rolls of single-layer and double-layer polymeric materials is most often used for automatic packaging of food and non-food products in different types of packages (flowpack, sachet, doipak). The main function of this film is to provide the necessary barrier properties to preserve the product during the expiration date stated by the manufacturer. No less important is its task to highlight the product among competitors on store shelves, to make it the most attractive. For the optimal solution of both tasks, the accumulated experience and expertise of the printing house at all stages of production is of great importance: from the analysis of the initial layout to the service on the customer’s packaging lines.

Printing paper packaging: what is flexible packaging?

This is a modern polymer-based packaging material. Graphics are usually applied to the synthetic surface by flexographic printing. Factories produce various modifications for packaging food or household chemicals. A variety of this material is laminated paper and foil. Manufacturers can use multilayer, single-layer or combined materials. Thus one of layers is always presented by synthetics. An additional layer may be paper, fabric or foil. The specific composition is selected taking into account the peculiarities of operation. The inner side provides stability of the content, and the outer protects from mechanical influences.

In addition, true paper packaging is used. It has a huge number of advantages. Take for example cardboard packs for ice cream:

  • paper packaging for ice cream has high water resistance, because it is laminated on both sides;
  • it does not conduct cold, so eating and enjoying the taste is more comfortable;
  • the paper does not emit toxic substances and does not interact with the product;
  • easily processed, which, in turn, saves wood for further production of packaging;
  • due to the low cost of packaging there is no need to increase the price of ice cream;
  • advertising, images, drawings, information about the manufacturer, etc. are easily applied to the material.

Ice cream makers can also easily combine flavors, add jams and syrups, combine product varieties, and use the container they think is best for their products.

Where to buy cardboard packaging with printing in Ukraine?

If you are looking for high-quality inexpensive packaging to order it with delivery to any part of Ukraine, feel free to contact JSC “Rogan Cardboard Factory”! We make reliable paper packaging in the format and size you need at the most affordable price. We use only waste paper, which significantly affects both the price and the environmental safety of the product, making these two criteria the most acceptable for the buyer.

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