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Binding cardboard: features of production and use

Today, cardboard is used in many industries: food, pharmaceutical, furniture, haberdashery… It is used to make packaging, furniture elements, puzzles, advertising structures, and much more. Binding cardboard is no exception. It is extremely durable and can be used both in the above areas and for its intended purpose – for the production of book covers, albums, diaries, notebooks, as well as folders, binders, certificates and more.

How to create cardboard for covers?

Waste paper and cellulose are used to make this material, and an adhesive rosin mixture is also added to the mixture. Due to the rougher wood treatment, it is darker than ordinary paper and has a rough structure. Thanks to it, it absorbs glue and paint well, various materials and decorative elements are perfectly attached to it.

According to the content of raw materials, there are three brands of such cardboard. These are A, B and PKS (binding cardboard glued). Thus, the first has a high content of cellulose and wood pulp and does not stick, due to which it is widely used in the manufacture of puzzles and is an excellent option for multiple use. It also prints various works of art.

The other two brands contain exclusively unbleached cellulose. The manufacture of PKS also has its own characteristics. In particular, only rosin glue specially designed for this procedure is used for gluing. Also, depending on the area of use and climate, different antiseptics against microbes and insects are added.

Due to the use of only coarse fibers, the binding cardboard is porous, easily broken when bent and cut, but it is resistant to mechanical damage. Its surface is flat and smooth, and the sheets themselves are easily drilled and stitched, easy to work with.

Why buy thick cardboard?

It is considered one of the strongest types of this material and has many advantages:

  • good density and stiffness;
  • resistance to moisture and pollution, to loads;
  • no traces at the bends;
  • quite low price and ease of use.

Such cardboard is used, in addition to the above areas, as a packaging material for alcohol and cigarettes. In the furniture industry, it is used to add rigidity to some products. It is also the main choice of manufacturers in the manufacture of rear walls of paintings and frames. In printing and binding, it is not only used to make covers directly, but also used to give them strength and rigidity. In addition, cardboard is used in needlework (especially scrapbooking).

How to buy binding cardboard in JSC “Rogan Cardboard Factory”?

You need to contact our managers to make a purchase. There are three ways to do this: leave your number in the feedback form, send an email or use the phone number listed in the contact information section.

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