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Cardboard in sheets and rolls: in what areas is it used?

Cardboard today is a universal material. We don’t even usually notice it, but we actually encounter it every day. Packaging, book covers, furniture parts and even elements of some hats and more are made of different types of cardboard. This material is strong, inexpensive, reliable. But for each purpose a certain kind of it is suitable. To know which cardboard you need, you need to have a good understanding of the classification. In fact, it’s easier than it sounds.

Where is cardboard used for packaging?

As the name suggests – in the manufacture of containers and cardboard boxes. Because of this, it must be strong and rigid, withstand mechanical damage and heavy loads. A narrower scope depends on the raw materials used to make the material:

  • cellulose cardboard is best suited for food packaging, confectionery and perfumery;
  • waste paperboard is used for packaging stationery, as well as goods for the footwear, cosmetics and food industries;
  • pulp and wood board is universal, so it can be used in all areas.

For the convenience of buyers, manufacturers offer two varieties of this material: rolled cardboard and flat. Many people choose the first option, because it is more economical: you can unwind the right amount, thereby minimizing the amount of waste. It is also completely versatile and extremely flexible, effectively protecting delicate loads during transportation.

In cases where you need pre-cut sheets, you will be flattened. It is often used as a gasket for various connections (such as flanges). It is also used to make the backing of paintings painted with oil paints, folders, wallets, briefcases and other haberdashery. It is also suitable for the production of packaging and furniture.

And what about the binding cardboard?

Yes, it can also be used for packaging, but its main purpose is to cover books and diaries, notebooks and albums. It is also used to make puzzles and board games. This cardboard is very strong, and in the manufacture of certain requirements are required. Thus, the surface of the sheets should be smooth and smooth, and the sheets themselves – dense, resistant to delamination, rough. Glue and paints are well applied on them, embossing is easy. Binding cardboard can be used several times if necessary – it is durable, does not tear or break, unless you make extra effort or follow the rules of operation.

How to order flattened cardboard and other types of this material in JSC “Rogan Cardboard Factory”?

Use any method convenient for you: send an e-mail to the e-mail specified in the header of the site, call the number specified in the contact section or fill out the feedback form, and our managers will call you back soon to discuss all the details.

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