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Cardboard and paper industry: all about cardboard production in Ukraine

As of 2017, Ukraine ranked 36th in the world in the production of cardboard and paper: 40 companies have installed 70 machines with a capacity of as much as 1.4 million tons per year. Global trends in the cardboard and paper products market today look like this: the production of paper for printing (newsprint and offset paper) is falling, the production of paper and sanitary products, as well as packaging grades of paper and cardboard, including packaging. The same trends are observed in the Ukrainian market of cardboard and paper products.

Cardboard from the manufacturer: what are the features of Ukrainian production?

In general, the production of cardboard is always the same: raw materials are ground, sheets are formed, compacted and dried in a special machine – a production line for cardboard, consisting of several machines. Both primary cellulose and (more often) waste paper are used – for example, our JSC “Rogan Cardboard Factory” uses the latest material, because it is safer for the environment, does not pollute it and does not require felling trees. Along with ergonomics, environmental friendliness is one of the most important selection criteria for buyers.

Cardboard is still the most common material for packaging, transportation and storage of goods and other products, and is also the most widely used type of packaging on the market. This is not only about the number of packages produced, but also about their variety. Cardboard production is spreading rapidly, changing the range and design. A new feature has emerged – the informativeness of packaging, which is widely used as advertising. This also significantly increases the demand for quality packaging among manufacturers of marketable products.

Production of cardboard packages in Ukraine

Recently, small businesses have begun to produce more and more containers and set a course to improve its quality. Produce cardboard packaging of complex configurations, including microcorrugated. It is printed with printed information or logos by four-color flexography or full-color offset printing, varnished. Stitching has been replaced by spot gluing. Given that cardboard packaging of such types is usually small, this niche is the most promising for small and medium-sized cardboard packaging manufacturers or box manufacturers.

How to buy cardboard for boxes in “RKF Champion”?

It’s very easy to do – it only takes a few minutes of your time. Place your order by filling out a special feedback form on the site, selecting the desired product category and leaving your contact information. We will call you as soon as possible to clarify and provide all the necessary information, as well as to process the purchase as quickly as possible. We carry out delivery to any corner of Ukraine.

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